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I continue to tell people about the Bug Off soap. I absolutely LOVE it and it works so well! Thank you, Mirella 

We purchased your bug-off soap, to use it on our trip to the amazon before getting off our boat we applied your bug-off soap, we were instantly protected, our guide applied it and he was amazed after pushing thru the jungle for 6 hours your product was still working. We will definitely be one of your best customers sincerely       Bill and Charlotte Williams Montana

Thank you so much it was great talking with you, I have to tell you your lotions are the best, after being badly sunburned while at Saint Augustine beach,I used the shea butter lotion balm and the next day I was completely relieved of the burning and my skin is so soft I have also used your soaps these are the best soaps I have ever used it is like going to a spa and a lot cheaper .thanks          Janet

Hi, just dropping a thank you for making the best soaps ever       Shelia

Bought your dog shampoo bar at the Flagler farmers market. I have to tell you this shampoo bar works great and last for a long time, my dog had bad eczema and I have tried a lot of different products well after using your dog shampoo bar a few times my dogs' eczema cleared up and I and my dog coco are very happy sincerely       Ralph

Just saying hello and thank you for the best products Sharon Flagler Beach

OMG I can't tell you how much I love your foot scrub soap I have diabetes and I have had a problem with cracked and swollen heels for years well after finding you at Saint Augustine farmers market and talking to you, I purchased the happy feet and i use it every day my feet have completely healed OMG

thank you so much Kathy Ft Myers fl

As a fishing guide for many years, I have tried many mosquito repellents over the years. After using your bug off it is the best it really works chill outback guides Australia

I visited your booth at the Flagler Saturday Market while on vacation in the Flagler area and purchased a bar of foot soap with loofah. I love it!!! I have always had problems with cracking heels and it has worked wonders on my feet. Thank you!!

My order arrived today. Thank you so much. The coconut balm is a staple for me after receiving one as a gift. I never want to be without it! The lavender is just as lovely. I will be ordering more in the near future for my friends!! I'm anxious to try my bug bar! Thanks again.      Cherie

I met you at St Augustine Pier I love my foot scrub get. ting some for Christmas gifts will order soonThanks

Dear nana and papa, This is your granddaughter, Julie, I am emailing Bella Star naturals to let you know that I love all your wonderful soaps! The Bug Off soap works great out here in AZ! I can't wait for next summer when I can come and help make your natural soaps and be your little sales girl! I use your soap,s every single day! I love the cucumber Melon one it's really nice and soft! Tell everyone at market hello for me,               ‚ô°Julie

-Love the soaps, I cannot wait for our return visit so I can stock up on soaps, see you in December

Carol Ny

Just got my order. I'm keeping a couple of bars and giving the rest out for Christmas.

Thank you so much it was great talking with you            Debbie Boston

I absolutely love your soaps. I have a bar in every bathroom at the sink and in the shower and in the kitchen. I use your dog soap for my fur babies bath, it works great. Used the bug guard also...again I love it! Lotion it. Lip it. I will not longer use any other soap in my home. Not only does it work great, it makes me use a lot less lotion, and I no longer use shave cream. Best products ever!!!!!! Thank you     . Terra florida

I have 1 bar of bug off soap left, so I figured that I had better let you know that I need more, since I know that you need some time to make it. So I would like to order 5 bars this time, I go through the soap so fast because I spray all around the bed and the chairs where my dog is too besides all over me too, so I use a lot, and oh boy it really helps to keep the no-seeums off me and my little dog. I can't praise you enough for your bug off soap, cause sweetie its the ONLY thing that works and keeps these awfull horrible biting bugs off of us!!!! . thank you girl, love you and your soaps, Mariann Freeman P.S. if you would like to post my raving of your soaps, go right ahead, I'd be proud to be a part of your web-site!!!!

Hi I had write this testimonial, we were on vacation at Flagler beach visiting from Valdosta GA. Our second day we visited the Flagler beach farmers market and went to bellastar,s tent, after talking to Michele she convinced me to buy a bottle of bug off.I have tried everything on the market with no

results,well we went camping out in the Okefenokee swamp being very skeptical about the bug off spray, after applying it i could not have been more happier, this is the best bug spray, the mosquitoes would fly all around but I and my family did not have one bite for the three days out I will be a spokesperson for this product Thank you               bud rogers

These are the best soaps I have ever used, we were visiting from Canada and we stopped at the Saint Augustine market, after talking to Michele she convinced me to buy some soaps, all I can say is thank you I will be a forever customer            Dawn and Frank

Just wanted to thank you for leaving your home in Florida and coming here to take care of your Grandchildren While your son and daughter-in-law are serving in the Army. I'm glad I brought your bug off soap, we went camping at Lake Fork and the mosquitos were bad, after applying your bug off soap it was downright amazing we were not bitten by those pesky bugs so hope to see you again at the market it was a hoot talking with you and your husband