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Natural Loofah Sponges are cleansing vegetable fibers that help exfoliate the skin and remove surface impurities. This sponge is valued as the key to better health. Effective for unclogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe freely, Loofahs leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and silky. Loofah sponges work well with natural soaps. We harvest our own Loofah sponges.

We offer soaps with Loofah embedded within the soap bar. These soaps are a wonderful exfoliate and cleansing product. Our Loofah soaps consist of Olive Oil Soaps, Shea butter soaps, goat milk soaps. Many different variations will be updated daily.

Luffa Scrub Soaps

Luffa soaps are a wonderful exfoliate, they come in many different varieties, olive oil soaps and shea butter. We offer them with peppermint and eucalyptus, teatree and eucalyptus, lavender and mint. Each bar is approximately 6-7 0z in weight.

Luffa Scrub Soaps

Happy Feet Luffa foot scrub soap

A soap bar with luffa that will scrub rough spots while moisturizing your feet Designed just for feet this soap bar will clean your feet as well as exfoliate them. Tea Tree, lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang essential oils go into this foot scrub to promote healthy feet.

Happy Feet Luffa foot scrub soap